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Drill/Booster Compressor System and Tooling Analysis

Drilling is a complex business and to achieve the best result as many of the variables as possible need to be optimised. A task may require the lowest operating cost or alternatively the requirement may be to reach a specific depth with the available equipment. We offer to review your requirements against you equipment and on the basis of our findings we will make recommendations for changes to enable you to best achieve your objectives.

A recent challenge was to complete a 14 inch diameter hole being drilled in very difficult conditions. When we arrived on site the hole was at 223m deep and progress was down to about 127mm (5 inches) per hour. Three primary compressors and two boosters were in use and the down hole pressure was around 450 psig. A near new 12 inch locally manufactured hammer fitted with a blank choke was in use.

After a thorough examination of the situation the boosters were taken off line, the primary compressors were tested and their control systems were adjusted to deliver full pressure at full rpm. The additives being used in the hole were slightly changed and a NUMA P125 hammer and NUMA 14 inch bit were fitted to the bottom hole assembly. The hammer was then run into the hole and the revised foam mixture was injected into the system along with increased hammer lubricant supply.

When the air was turned on and drilling recommenced at no less than 7000mm per hour with the down hole pressure holding 315 psig. After some further discussion with the driller the pulldown was increased and the penetration rate climbed to 9000mm/hour. The hole was drilled to target depth at 273 m without any down hole problems.

The area where this hole was completed had in the past seen several other contractors unable to complete holes to target depth. The combination of the NUMA P125 and having all of the other variables on site optimised made short work of what had become a problem hole that would otherwise been abandoned before target depth.

The ultimate result was the client purchased an additional P125 and additional NUMA bits as well as a specialised Super Jaws down hole casing advancing system for large diameter work. Give us a call and see what we can do for your drilling performance.