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Pic 1 About to commence drilling with a NUMA C330 Hammer in Sri Lanka Drilling 36 inch holes 30m single pass through boulders and an old groyne.
Pic 2 Flow testing a 900/350 with a separator on the way out.
Pic 3 The third stage of the same compressor and this time it is a problem with the inlet side of the valve. No problem Klaus fixed that too and we also checked the other 2 stages as well to make sure the finished job made the customer happy.

Pic 4 About to test a 1350/500 on a blast hole crawler rig.
Pic 5 Testing a rig compressor, auxiliary compressor and booster under the head to see if there any rig system air leaks.
Pic 6 Testing a 2400scfm low pressure compressor that had been retrofitted to an IR DMH rig. We had to break out the big meter for this one! A couple of problems at first but the big Sullair really did the job when we had finished sorting it out.

Pic 7 I am not that fat I do not need a 100T crane for the man cage. Fearless drill crew in action.
Pic 8 My booster will not make any air what can be done? A valve study showed high valve plate seating velocities in the 4th stage discharge valve and a redesigned valve from Klaus resulted in a happy customer.
Pic 9 A separator that has suffered some trauma!

Pic 10 There’s fire in them der hoses!
Pic 11 I lost the keys for the Toyota so I called a bus to take us home. Drilling in the middle of Perth with NUMA SuperJaws.
Pic 12 The compressor would not make much air.

Pic 13 The first P125 NUMA about to go to work. Penetration increased from less than 1m/hour with another hammer to over 9 m/hour when the P125 was used and the bonus was we did not need the 2 boosters that were required with the other hammer.
Pic 14 Drilling with the P125 just a little water return.
Pic 15 A good setup with separate running and shutdown blowdown mufflers. Easy to spot a problem this way.

Pic 15 There's gold out there somewhere (Great Sandy Desert in WA)
Pic 16 Sorry mate we do not use compressed air. Too noisy!
Pic 17 Pride of the fleet complete with high temp cooling system for N.T. summers

Pic 15 No silly hydraulic stuff on this rig! The rig was complete and had all its tooling with it. The diesel still turned over with the decompression lever operative.